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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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D.  Plans for Program Improvement and Recommendations for Legislation -

The Department has proposed to consolidate the current four-program   con-
figuration into two programs. The similar programs under Part A and   Part
B will be merged into a single program. The Endowment Grant Program   will
be maintained and the Challenge Grant Program will be phased out.

The Department has proposed simplifying the eligibility rules. Instead of
using six eligibility criteria in two programs, the Department has proposed
two criteria and one program.

E.  Supporting Studies and Analyses Cited in Section C Above

1.  Program Files, Office of Postsecondary Education, U.S. Department of
Education, 1984.

2.  Davis, Junius; Ironside, Roderick;   and Van Sant, Jerry, Factors Associ-
ated with Successful Developmental   Investment in Title III Eligible
Institutions:A Special Report to   Program Managers in the U.S. Depart-
ment of Education, Raleigh, N.C:Research Triangle Institute, October

F.  Other Supporting Data


An evaluation of 51 Title III recipients was recently completed (see E,2
below). No new studies are planned.

Contacts for Further Information

Program operations: Caroline J. Gillin, (202) 245-2384

Program studies: James Maxwell, (202) 245-7884


1.    The  Omnibus  Budget  Reconciliation  Act  of 1981  effectively  raised the
authorization level    from   $129,600,000   to   the   higher   appropriation
for FY 1982, FY 1983 and FY 1984.

2.    Includes a $10 million supplemental appropriation.

3.    Includes    a   $4,816,000   supplemental    appropriation    in   the   FY   1983
supplemental appropriation bill.opmental  activities may lead to